Fat - Friend or Foe

Fat has some advantages to your diet.

  1. Fat is a buffering effect of internal organs.
  2. It makes the hormone system work smoothly.
  3. It absorbs more vitamins from other foods.
  4. It keeps your hair shiny.
  5. It keeps your skin fair.

But not all fats are created the same.

What types of fat should be avoided?

Avoid naturally occurring fats such as trans fat that contain vegetable oils.  It is a fat that is produced for industrial purposes.

1. Trans fat increases the chances of getting heart disease.
2. It is also known to cause arteriosclerosis.
3. It prevents absorption of important fatty acids that promote skin health.

What foods should be avoided?
Do not eat processed food which contains alot of trans fat.
Avoid fried foods, fast food, donuts, pastries, pizza, cakes, pie crust.
Eat baked goods like cookies and crackers.

Luckily, this type of fat has recently been removed from many foods.
But be careful.
Some companies can still put some trans fats in it,
Please read the label on the packaged product carefully.