What is Royal Jelly?

What Is Royal Jelly?


What is Royal Jelly?
Royal jelly is a nutritious jelly produced by worker bees that stimulate growth.

Royal jelly contains lipids, dietary fatty acids, 2-4 amino acids of peptide, protein, and carbohydrates,
It is made up of inorganic acid salts and acetylcholine.

Royal Jelly Characteristics
Royal jelly tends to be white with a yellow hue.
It will be turn more yellow when stored.
If is not properly stored (not stored in the refrigerator), it turns from yellowish white to a darker color.
Royal jelly must be stored in a cool environment to preserve bioactivity.

Royal Jelly Efficacy 
Studies have shown that 10 mcg / ml of Royal Jelly in the diet will improve overall life span by 8%.

According to a six-month study, it has shown that taking 3000 mg of royal jelly daily produces a slight improvement in mental health.

As a result of a experiment in rats, 800 mg / kg of Royal jelly
has been found to raise the vascular estrogen level slightly.

As a result of providing 25, 50 or 100 mg royal jelly to infertile men,
Royal jelly has found that it helps produce more sperm and it increases sexual desire.

Royal jelly lowers triglyceride and fat protein levels and is beneficial for the heart.

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