The Liver is one of the largest, and most important organs that work to regulate and remove toxins from the  blood. The liver processes nutrients to the body and metabolizes at the same time, clears alcohol from one’s system. When the Liver is not functioning properly then it will see bloating, gas, constipation, low energy levels, decreased appetite, heartburn, inabiliy of losing weight, and high blood pressure.

The Liver detoxifies in 3 phases.  

First phase, it takes toxic chemicals from the blood and convert them to be less toxic. Free radicals are produced during the oxidation phase and it is important to get rid of the free radicals so they do not damage the liver.

Second phase, the liver take toxins that are converted in phase 1 and adds new compounds to excrete them. It is important to have foods rich in these compounds.

Third phase, the liver remove toxins and compounds from phase 2, out of the liver and into the bile and urine which is excreted from the body,

To have a healthy liver, one must eat foods and take supplements to support the liver, decrease excessive alcohol drinking and replace toxic skincare and cleaning products.

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