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Royal Jelly 1000mg 300 softgels


Royal Jelly is the special milk from the queen bee. It has a light yellow color similiar to honey and has a bitter taste. It contains 40 kinds of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and biotin which are not comparable to honey. It contains 67% water, 12.5% protein, small amount of amino acid and 11% sugar. All the B Vitamins are most commonly found  but  also contains Vitamin C.

CAUTION :  Our ROYAL JELLY product, which has been manufactured and sold by Everhealth for 30 years, are being sold as counterfeit products in Retail stores and Markets in Korea, Coupang.com is ours. THIS IS OUR NEW DESIGN, MAKE SURE IT LOOKS LIKE THIS.  

FOR KOREAN CUSTOMERS - PLEASE READ NAVER BLOG https://blog.naver.com/everhealthvita/222311056069

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