History of Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly became popular worldwide in 1954 when Pope Pius XII was extremely active in his old age. The  Pope's doctor, Dr. Ricardo Ricci, gave him  a prescription for the Royal Jelly.
Royal Jelly, also known as the Queen Bee's food, is a Superfood that strengthens the immune system, decreases cholesterol, manages blood pressure, etc.

What exactly is  Royal Jelly?

It is a Super Food from the Queen Bee. Royal jelly is a secretion from the Queen bees used for nutrition of bee larvae and is secreted from the pharynx in the head of young worker bees. All bees eat royal jelly for the first three days after hatching from their eggs, then become queen bees as they continue to eat for the next 3 days. They continue to eat honey and pollen to become worker bees. In other words, the worker bees can become a queen bee that is twice the size as a worker bee and can live  for 3 ~ 5 years instead of 40-60 days.

Royal jelly has a light yellow color similiar to honey and has a bitter taste. It contains 40 kinds of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and biotin which are not comparable to honey. It contains 67% water, 12.5% protein, small amount of amino acid and 11% sugar. All the B Vitamins are most commonly found  but  also contains Vitamin C.