What is Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly means “Food to the King,” a nutritious milky viscous substance produced by bees' pharyngeal glands.  The young worker bees eat honey and pollen and absorb the digestion for 12 days. It's a hormonal-like ingredient that has a slight sour and sweet taste.  

The queen bee lives only on Royal Jelly and are 50% larger than regular worker bees.  They live 40 times longer and are fertile and vital, they give  birth to up to 300 to 1500 eggs per day. This is due to the fact that Royal Jelly has the most amazing nutrients, including protein, amino acids, calcium, zinc, magnesium, minerals, eight vitamins and essential fatty acids, and DHA.  It is very nutritious for growing children and the elderly.  

CAUTION:  Our Royal Jelly product, which has been manufactured and sold by Everhealth for 30 years, are being sold as counterfeit products in Korea. THIS IS OUR NEW DESIGN, MAKE SURE IT LOOKS LIKE THIS.  

This time, we changed the packaging design of Royal Jelly to distinguish it from the counterfeit products. If you find a counterfeit product or have information, please email us so that we can take legal action. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.