Royal jelly, excellent skincare remedy for improved hydration and acne treatment

Royal Jelly, Excellent Skincare Remedy for Improved Hydration and Acne Treatment
Royal jelly, excellent skincare remedy for improved hydration and acne treatment

As the weather warms up, skin dehydration becomes one of our major concerns. Main concern would be skin problems and aging. Dry skin, what can be done about it?
According to the latest research, Royal Jelly improves the skin's hydration up-to 60%, and it also helps skin regeneration. 10-HDA, also known as "queen bee" or "Royal Jelly", is a bioactive compound found in royal jelly and has recently been found to improve dry skin.
Royal Jelly for skin hydration!
Scientists have found that a variety of experiments have shown that Royal Jelly helps treat inflammation like acne skin, regenerate collagen and moisturize dry skin. In particular, the experiment showed that 10-HDA chrysanthemum was increased to 28.8% in 7 days and 60.4% in 21 days by dry skin test participants.
In another experiment, we found that daily intake of Royal Jelly improves skin surface moisture significantly. Moisture on the outside of the skin acts as a barrier against microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses from entering the body. During the 16-week study period, participants were asked to consume Royal Jelly as part of their daily diet, which resulted in more moisture on the surface of the skin compared to participants who did not. The most important reason for this is the increase in ceramide metabolism by Royal Jelly. Ceramide is a major component of the epidermis that accounts for up to 20% of the intercellular layer, and acts as a bond that allows skin cells to maintain resilient skin texture. There was a reason why it was called honey skin.
How to use Royal Jelly as a skin remedy at home!
Royal Jelly is not only to help skin breakouts, but also helps produce collagen.
1. Royal Jelly Softgels
Take 2 to 3 softgels a day. Skin care cosmetics are not enough to improve quality of our skin. To keep your skin tight and fully hydrated, Royal Jelly softgels produce immediate results becaue softgels go into ones's bloodstream quicker than other forms. Start with one softgel a day during the first week and slowly increase the dosage to the recommended intake amount. It's important to have
beautiful skin, but it is also crucial to hydrate internally and topically.
2. Fresh Royal Jelly
It contains Liquid Royal Jelly in the freshest sense with 10-HDA with other nutritious nutrients. Fresh Royal Jelly should be a part of your daily skin routine along with your preferred skin care regimen.