Royal Jelly's skin benefits

Royal Jelly adds moisture to the skin.

Scientists have found in various experiments that Royal Jelly helps to cure inflammation like acne, it helps regenerate skin and improve dry skin.  In particular, we tested 10-HDA-containing creams in the participants of dry skin and found that skin moisture improved 28.8% in 7 days and 60.4% in 21 days.

In another experiment, daily consumption of Royal Jelly showed a noticeable improvement in skin epidermal moisture. In general, the skin's epidermis is very important to make the skin look good and bad. In fact, the moisture on the epidermis of the skin plays a big role not only for beauty, but also for our physical health. Moisture on the outside of the skin acts as a barrier to keep microbes such as bacteria and viruses from entering the body. During the 16 weeks of this study, 1% of participants included royal jelly in their diet, resulting in a significantly higher level of moisture in the skin epidermis compared to those who did not eat royal jelly. The biggest reason is the increased ceramide metabolism with royal jelly. Ceramide is a major component of the epidermis, which accounts for up to 20% of the interlayer of skin cells, acting like a bond that allows skin cells to stick together and maintain a firm skin texture. 

How to solve various skin problems at home with Royal Jelly!
Royal Jelly helps not only treat trouble areas but also produces collagen, so you can have elasticity and your skin will be full of moisture.


Royal Jelly's Skin Benefits

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